DG Budget and Policy Evaluation

The Directorate-General Budget and Policy Evaluation assists the Minister for the Budget and the government with the preparation and implementation of the budget, the policy evaluation, the organisational control and the integrity policy.

The DG Budget and Policy Evaluation operates in a number of areas.

  • For the Minister for the Budget, the Prime Minister and the government, the budgetary management provides
  • policy support in the budgetary process: from the preparation of the budget, across the compilation of the budget documents and the reports to international institutions all the way up to the monitoring of the budget implementation
  • for the amendments to and the up-dating of the regulatory framework for the budget and the public accounts.
  • The administrative and budgetary control ensures the implementation of the budgetary part of the administrative and budgetary control. The evaluation of the current control system to ensure its optimisation is an important task.
  • The organisational control and policy evaluation handles: