DG Federal Accountant and Procurement

The Directorate-General Federal Accountant and Procurement advises and supports the client organisations in the areas of accounting and public procurement contracts. The department guides the entire book-keeping cycle and files the consolidated annual accounts of the federal government. This directorate-general handles the administration, the evolution and the maintenance of the accounting/financial ERP system and of the platform for the digitisation of public procurement contracts. The directorate also offers group contracts via its central contract repository.

Specifically, the DG Federal Accountant and Procurement delivers the following services:

  • advice and assistance in the area of general, analytic and budgetary accounting of the FPSs and PPSs:  documentation of the end2end processes, accounting instructions, monitoring of the balancing processes (monthly/annually), interpretation and implementation of the Act of 22 May 2003 (and amendments) and of the international principles and standards on public accounting, etc.
  • developing tools for audit of the financial administration: setting up an analytical accounting, reporting to management and so on.
  • administering and ensuring the monitoring and development of FEDCOM, the ERP platform of the federal administration: maintenance and integration of financial administration processes, launching and administering new projects with FEDCOM, allocating and administering access rights and roles in FEDCOM, etc.
  • preparing the consolidated annual accounts of the General Administration (FPS/PPS) to be submitted via the Minister for the Budget to the Court of Audit and Parliament, and preparing the consolidated annual accounts of all federal entities (FPS/PPS/Institutions S1311).
  • coordinating, implementing and monitoring an efficient and effective procurement policy for the federal government
  • supporting the procurement officers of the federal government by:
  • giving legal advice about public procurement contracts
  • providing type documents
  • holding information sessions, training courses and providing support for the roll-out of projects
  • capturing the needs and volumes, analysing contracts, gathering information about suppliers and proposing group contracts
  • administering group contracts as a central contract repository
  • assisting with the preparation of public procurement contracts
  • monitoring and developing e-Procurement, the platform for the digitisation of public procurement contracts:  e-Notification, e-Tendering, e-Catalogue, e-Auctions, e-Awarding, ESPD etc. and supporting all Belgian contracting authorities and to national and international companies that use the platform.
  • setting up an end-to-end platform, integrated with the e-Procurement platform and with the accounting/financial ERP System (e.g. FEDCOM) within the federal government. This platform serves to support the hybrid collaboration and facilitate collective purchases at strategic (central contract repository), tactical (from request to reception of goods) and operational level (from sourcing to contracting).
  • supporting the client organisations in carrying on their accounts and exploiting their Procurement data: analytics in the area of ‘Finance and Procurement’.