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European Single Procurement Document (ESPD)

What is the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) and what is it used for?

  • Advantages

    The European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) is a self-declaration of the ability, financial situation and capabilities of companies, used as preliminary evidence in all public procurement procedures at the European level.

    • Available in all the European Union languages

      The document is available in all the languages of the European Union and proves a priori that the conditions required to participate in public procurement contracts in the Union have been met. The self-declaration enables participating companies and other economic operators to prove that they are not in one of the situations for which they must or could be excluded from the procedure, and that they meet the applicable exclusion and selection criteria.

    • Exchanged between contracting authorities and companies

      The ESPD is exchanged between the contracting authorities and the companies. A contracting authority first draws up an ESPD application in which it indicates which exclusion grounds and selection criteria apply to its contract. Interested companies can download this ESPD request and then use it to draft an ESPD response. The ESPD response is attached to the request to participate or the tender.

    • Linked to Telemarc

      The ESPD service is linked to MyTelemarc. As a company, you can have links to certain certificates (tax debts, payment of social security contributions, non-bankruptcy, etc.) filled in automatically in the ESPD after authentication.

    • Electronic and structured form

      To take full advantage of the ESPD, it is advisable to always exchange the ESPD electronically and in structured form (XML). Using an ESPD in XML format makes it easy to re-use existing ESPDs and avoids having to input the same information each time. In the long term, this format will offer the advantage of being able to easily and automatically add information to the ESPD, for example from authentic sources.

    • The future e-Procurement platform

      The e-Procurement service currently only offers a standalone version of the ESPD service. This is not linked to e-Notification or e-Tendering.

      The ESPD service will be fully integrated in the future e-Procurement platform.

  • Support


    Manuel DUME pour entreprises (FR)

    Manuel DUME pour acheteurs (FR)



    Contact the helpdesk e-Procurement for all technical questions.