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Set up and manage a company or a not-for-profit organisation in just a few clicks thanks to JustAct.

Since 13 September 2023, it has been possible to set up a company or a not-for-profit organisation online. The JustAct application on Just-on-web, the FPS Justice's digital portal, modernises and replaces e-Greffe. It will enable entrepreneurs and managers of not-for-profit organisations to avoid the red tape involved in setting up and managing the life cycle of their organisation. Amending deeds can also be filed digitally.

  • Who is concerned?

    A general partnership (SNC), a limited partnership (SComm), a not-for-profit organisation (ASBL) and a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) are created by private deed. This concerns an average of 8,000 companies and 4,000 not-for-profit organisations every year.

    JustAct does not apply to public limited companies, private limited companies or cooperatives, which still require the services of a solicitor, or to sole traders (self-employed persons).

  • New possibilities

    JustAct offers a number of new functions compared with e-Greffe, making it possible to:

    • Electronically file a deed of incorporation by private agreement to create a company.
    • Use templates to create private deeds by private agreement as well as articles of associations for not-for-profit organisations.
    • And soon, set up one or more branches of a foreign company in Belgium.

    Your deeds are filed according to an intuitive step-by-step process. Setting up a company is simple and entirely digital. No legal knowledge is required, while a sound legal procedure is guaranteed.

    Citizens can also use JustAct to prepare their own deeds of incorporation by private agreement and the articles of association of their not-for-profit organisation. Smart forms will suggest texts that they can adapt to their own situation. It saves time and ensures that all the administrative documents are coherent and consistent. This is particularly important when setting up small not-for-profit organisations.

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