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Telemarc is a web interface available to contracting authorities that provides access to several authentic sources.

  • Advantages

    • Free and provides access to several authentic sources

      Telemarc is a free web interface giving access to several authentic sources (National Bank, VAT and Tax, NSSO, CBE and the database of building contractor accreditations). The application is only accessible to contracting authorities and its sole purpose is to request information about organisations submitting an offer for a public contract. The tendering company no longer needs to request the supporting documents on paper, as the contracting authority can consult them directly in digital format via Telemarc.

    • In just a few minutes

      Requests are processed immediately and responses are available within minutes as digitally signed PDF files that the contracting authority's user must download and keep digitally – printed supporting documents have no value!


      Responses are only available for download for one month.

  • Support

    To use Telemarc, the user's company must be known as a contracting authority in the CBE and the user must hold a position at the CBE or the role of "Public Buyer" for this contracting authority.

    On the "Public Search" of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises website, you can check whether your company is known as a contracting authority. Contact the Agency for Administrative Simplification (dav-asa@bosa.fgov.be) if you represent a contracting authority that has not yet been registered with the CBE in this capacity.

    The "Public Buyer" role is assigned by the "Local Public Procurement Access Manager" within your company.