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This page tells you all you need to know about how to contact us and where to find us.

      • Contact center

        +32 (0)2 740 74 74

        Monday to Friday
        8am to 4pm

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      • Address

        SPF Stratégie et Appui

        WTC III

        Boulevard Simon Bolivar 30 Bte1

        1000 Bruxelles

      • Access map

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        Find out more about our building below.

  • Access to the WTC III building

    You have free access to our reception, but to access the rest of the building you need a QR code. This QR code will be sent to you by e-mail along with the invitation to a selection test, training session or consultation at Empreva. Keep your code safe, as you'll need it every time you enter and leave the building. Your QR code is only valid on the day of your appointment.

    To enter, scan the code at the entrance gates. They are on your left as you enter the building. You can scan your code from your smartphone or bring along a printed version.

    You have not received a QR code by e-mail or you have an appointment as an individual visitor with a FPS BOSA employee? Please report to reception on the ground floor. Our colleagues will be happy to help you.

    Person with reduced mobility?

    Accueil avec marquage au solEntrée du bâtiment avec marquage au solOur reception is designed for wheelchair users and there are floor markings for the visually impaired. Please report to reception and we will escort you through the building.


    Person with reduced mobility arriving  by car?

    Vue des places de stationnement pour les personnes à mobilité réduite

    Persons with reduced mobility have access to a parking space in the WTC III underground car park (boulevard Simon Bolivar 30 - 1000 Brussels). Please note! You must request your parking space via your contact person at the FPS BOSA.

    When you enter the car park as a person with reduced mobility, you can park in one of the reserved spaces on the right.


  • Getting to WTC III

    The FPS BOSA is easily accessible.

    By public transport

    • Brussels North station is 400 metres away.


      route de la gare du nord à BOSA-WTC III


      From Brussels-North station, you have three ways to reach the WTC III building. Your starting point will always be the central passageway with the stairs leading up to the platforms.

    1. Go left in the direction Boulevard Simon Bolivar and leave the station through the exit. When you’ve arrived in the street (Place du Nord, which further down to the right turns into the Rue des Charbonniers) immediately turn right and walk until you reach Boulevard du Roi Albert II. Cross Boulevard du Roi Albert II at the traffic lights and turn right until you reach Boulevard Simon Bolivar. Turn left there and you’ll be standing directly in front of the WTC III building (the WTC III building is located on the corner of Boulevard du Roi Albert II and Boulevard Simon Bolivar).
    2. Turn right in the direction of Place Solvay until you reach the Carrefour Express supermarket. Turn left there and continue walking to the exit. Walk down the stairs towards the street (Place Solvay), turn left and continue to Boulevard du Roi Albert II. Turn left there and keep walking until you get to the roundabout. Cross the road on the left side of the roundabout (facing away from the train station) and you’ll arrive directly at WTC III.
    3. You can also take the stairs down to the tram and bus area underneath the station. Exit underneath the station and head towards the WTC III building from there.

    For train timetables, visit www.belgiantrain.be.

    • Rogier station (metro lines 2 and 6, and trams 3 and 4) and Yser station (metro lines 2 and 6) are in the immediate vicinity. The STIB 'WTC' bus stop (lines 58 and 88) is located in front of the WTC III. More details at www.stib.be.
    • De Lijn and TEC buses stop at Brussels North station. For more information visit the www.delijn.be or www.letec.be websites.
    • A Villo! bike rental station (number 141) is located on boulevard Simon Bolivar. Find out more on www.villo.be.


    By bike

    At the entrance to the WTC III, there is a public bike park where you can easily park your bike.


    By car or motorbike

    The WTC III car park is currently only accessible to visitors who have booked at least one day in advance. Your BOSA contact person can take care of this for you. Parking spaces equipped with recharging points are not accessible to visitors.

    Here are the alternatives:

    • Paid parking in the streets around the building
    • Paid car park at Brussels North station
  • Questions?

    Do you have a question about one of our services: training, digital services, the organisation’s management, integrity policy, public procurement, budgeting and accounting? Fill in the online form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Contact us

    If you have a question or would like information or feedback about your selection or language test, please fill in the contact form on the site ‘travaillerpour.be. You can also get in touch with the contact person regarding the screening procedure. This person's name is included in each job description.

  • Complaints

    complaints logo

    The FPS Policy and Support attaches great importance to the quality of its services. However, if you have any comments or complaints, you can send them to the complaints coordinator at the FPS Policy and Support.

    More information on how to lodge a complaint

    If you have a question or would like information or feedback about your selection or language test), please fill in the contact form but not the complaint form. Your question will reach the appropriate person more rapidly that way. You can also get in touch with the contact person regarding the screening procedure. This person's name is included in each job description.

    • Press

    • Are you a journalist and you have a question for us?

      Contact our communications department at press@bosa.fgov.be