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DG Internal Support Service

The Directorate-General for the Internal Support Service (DG ISS) of the FPS BOSA is the contact point for all support services for the FPS management and staff. It includes the HR, ICT, Communication and Translation, Budget and Finance, Technics & Logistics services.

Applicable for
  • Partners
  • Federal civil servants
  • Citizens
  • Federal organisations
  • Government

Table of contents

The DG Internal Support Service provides services in several areas.


The HR team defines and implements the HR policy of the FPS and develops the staffing and training plan.

It consults with the trade union representatives of the FPS and cooperates with the social and internal services for prevention and protection at work (SIPP).


The IT department is responsible for developing and implementing the FPS BOSA computerisation policy.

Communication and translation

The communication team is responsible for the internal and external communication of the FPS BOSA. 

The translators translate and edit documents and provide language advice. 

The "first line" service ensures the physical, telephone and electronic reception. It is the first contact of external persons with the FPS BOSA.

Budget and Finance

This team is responsible for the financial budgeting, financial management control and reporting, bookkeeping and execution of financial transactions of the FPS BOSA.

Technics & Logistics

The T&L service oversees:

  • asset management and therefore sees to it that each employee has the necessary equipment to work optimally
  • catering and cleaning
  • the practical organisation of events within the SPF BOSA, providing technical and logistical support to other departments 
  • the audiovisual innovation of the FPS BOSA infrastructure, taking into account the latest developments in the professional landscape, such as teleconferencing and hybrid training and meetings. 

Since 2022, DG Internal Support Services is also responsible for sustainable development, rational energy policy, as well as mobility.