DG PersoPoint Payroll Processing Organisation

PersoPoint Payroll Processing Organisation manages the staff and salary administration of its client organisations and of the FPS Policy and Support.

Specifically PersoPoint provides a range of services:

  • personnel administration

    PersoPoint is responsible for the administrative handling of all events in the career of staff members, from the time they join their government employer organisation up to and including the time they leave.  All staff members have access to their data via their digital personnel file and via the Self-Service module.

  • payroll administration

    PersoPoint calculates and pays the salaries, allowances and reimbursements of tenured and contract staff alike, and also ensures compliance with all tax and social security obligations.

  • legal advice and support

    PersoPoint’s Legal Advice unit supports the file administrators and the clients in complex files and legal issues. In their daily practice they work closely with colleagues who are responsible for policy preparation and policy evaluation in the areas of staff regulations, terms and conditions of employment and reward policy.

  • reporting

    PersoPoint provides comprehensive reports on the master data it administers in Scope and in the payroll engine. Alongside a broad set of standard reports, PersoPoint also provides customised reports in support of each organisation’s strategic HR policy.