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DG Recruitment and Development

The Directorate-General for Recruitment and Development is the service centre that supports staff members from their selection and recruitment to the end of their careers. It further draws up the HR regulations applicable to the federal administration. And it is also a centre of expertise for advice and coaching on change within the federal administration.

Applicable for
  • Partners
  • Federal civil servants
  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Government

Table of contents

  • Service Delivery

    Service Delivery supplies products and services to clients.

    Unit 1

    • Staff planning: supports federal organisations in estimating their future staffing needs based on the strategic objectives
    • Recruitment, selection and certification: A to Z performance of all screening missions that arise in different contexts within the DG: selection, nomination, promotion, certification of skills...
    • Career centre (including talent management): career guidance, potential assessment, etc.

    Unit 2

    • Development of the federal civil service regulations
    • Learning and Development: learning solutions for cross-cutting and/or generic skills, tailor-made learning solutions, Vitruvius leadership path...
    • Support (learning & development, advice, coaching, tools, etc.) to HR professionals (different areas of expertise: selection, L&D, well-being, etc.).

    Unit 3

    • Development of managerial skills in the field of management and leadership of top managers
    • Training of coaches and mentors, who can be mobilised in different contexts (change processes, leadership development, well-being, career support...)
    • Advising and supporting organisations in implementing change processes, including culture change.


    • Is the central unit of the joint service for prevention and protection at work for certain federal public services
    • Assists the affiliated federal public services in the areas of well-being, health and safety of their employees in the workplace and improving working conditions.

    Business Integration

    Business Integration ensures consistency, quality of service and relevance of the offer:

    • Business Monitoring & Data Management: monitoring, statistics, data management...
    • Policy preparation: developing an evidence-based vision of federal human resources management...
    • Product Life Cycle Management ensures the development or acquisition of tools and methods used in the organisation of activities or integrated into R&D products and services and manages the use and life cycle of these tools and methods.
    • Business Applications: management of the ICT solutions required by the DG R&D departments
    • The Quality team ensures the quality of DG R&D's activities.