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EUPAN Summer School


Since 2021 EUPAN introduced the Summer School as a collaborative platform where experts from all Member States convene to exchange knowledge and insights on a specific topic. Through workshops, lectures, and interactive sessions, participants share their expertise, learn from each other's experiences, and foster cross-border collaborations


      Practical information


      From 13th -16th May 2024



      The Belgian EUPAN Summer School will take place in Brussels from 13th -16th May. This edition will focus on "HR and the Evidence-Based Approach". Over 3 working days of the Summer School, we will:

      • address the various processes along the HR cycle in the light of what the evidence-based approach can offer
      • look at how data analytics and artificial intelligence can impact HR practices
      • tackle current and future HR challenges, including well-being, employer branding, diversity, inclusion, and integrity.