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Tomorrow’s Tech Today


Tomorrow's Tech Today conference will be a 2-day conference focusing on two specific topics that should enable countries to be more aware, engaged and responsible when implementing digital transformation that should lead to sustainability benefits

  • Tomorrow's Tech Today
  • The first conference day is led by the Belgian Minister of Telecom and Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter, during which the nexus of green transition and digital transformation (‘green digital twin transition’) will be discussed at all levels: EU-level, country level, regional level and local level. The aim is to demonstrate that reducing our ecological footprint requires a collaborative and coordinated effort with contributions expected from all levels. The emphasis will be on addressing key priority topics and commitments, evaluating the progress made so far, and outlining the next steps required to actualize these commitments:

    • More sustainable telecommunications and data centres: Greening the digital infrastructure, by applying the EU Code of Conduct for the sustainability of telecommunications networks and measuring sustainability in the telecommunications sector;
    • Digital solutions for a sustainable future: Delving into the role of digital infrastructure and digital solutions in achieving the objectives of the Green Deal, the discussion will feature practical examples, and an examination of methods for assessing the environmental impact of green digital applications.

    The second conference day is led by the Secretary of State for Digitalisation Mathieu Michel, with a particular focus on the ethics, governance and infrastructure dimensions of new technologies. A session will be dedicated to the contribution of blockchain to innovation driven growth, with a particular attention to initiatives of Member States and the EU. Furthermore, taking into account the pioneering regulatory role of the EU in AI on the global stage, discussions will be held on ways to ensure effective governance of AI while increasing trust in digital solutions.

    Both conference days will contribute to Council conclusions in preparation for the Telecom Council on 21 May 2024.

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