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Key staff figures

As of 31 December 2022, the FPS Policy and Support had 1,144 employees. Here you will find information on the distribution of staff according to age, gender, level and participation in training.

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Table of contents

Total number of employees

Evolution du personnel BOSA 2017-2022
BOSA staff figures 2017-2022

The strong increase in the number of employees is largely due to new HR employees who were transferred or recruited as part of the expansion of PersoPoint's client/user population. Empreva employees are included in the figures from 2019. These figures do not include EGOV employees and employees made available to the FPS BOSA.

Age pyramid

Pyramide des âges en 2022
Age pyramid in 2022

The average age is 44 years, which puts the FPS BOSA below the average age of all FPSs. Unlike some other federal organisations, the FPS BOSA does not have an inverted age pyramid. Scheduled age-related departures will be substantial in the coming years, but there is a large base in the 26-55 age group. The under-26 age group is under-represented. This is largely due to the profiles active in the FPS BOSA: mainly A- and B-level positions (and thus entry into service after higher education).


Evolution du genre 2017-2022
Gender evolution 2017-2022

The FPS BOSA has a majority of female staff (63%). However, the gender distribution is very different from one DG to another. In DG PersoPoint and DG Recruitment &Development (including Empreva), the proportion of women is over 70% of the total population. The situation is reversed in DG Federal Accountant and Public Procurement, DG Simplification and Digitalisation and DG Budget & Policy Evaluation (from 55% in DG Budget & Policy Evaluation to 70% in DG Simplification and Digitalisation).

Staff by level

Évolution du nombre total de collaborateurs par niveau 2017-2022
Evolution of the total number of employees by level 2017-2022

The number of A- and B-level staff has risen sharply, partly due to recruiting more specialised profiles. The increase at B-level, and to a lesser extent at C-level, is mainly related to the arrival or recruitment of HR staff to expand the PersoPoint client/user population.

Participation rate

Évolution de nombre de collaborateurs qui ont suivi au moins 1 jour de formation par an, 2018-2022
Evolution of the number of employees who have attended at least 1 day of training per year, 2018-2022

In 2022, 54% of FPS BOSA employees participated in at least one training day. The Labour Force Survey (LFS), published on 7 December 2021 by the Belgian statistical office Statbel, shows that 19.6% of people aged 25 to 64 (private + public sector) took part in a training in 2020. Specifically for the 'Public administration' sector of activity, the LFS records a percentage of 25.3%.