Federal Public Service Policy and Support embraces NWOW

The FPS Policy and Support clusters the strengths of three public services into a single new organisational structure. By the same token, the FPS is also committed to putting in place a new working culture for its members of staff, based on the NWOW principles (New Ways of Working).

NWOW is not only about working from flexible workstations or adopting modern technology. Alongside IT and facility, HR and cultural change also rank as major elements in these endeavours. Values such as trust and self-reliance will be central tenets: in the new FPS, members of staff will be able to work any time any place, provided they comply with a set of clear understandings on the targets they are expected to achieve. Moreover, the FPS Policy and Support is keen to digitise its operating processes to drive down paper consumption, and to introduce tools that enable virtual collaboration. The whole aim behind this drive is to see satisfied members of staff and to ensure better and more efficient service delivery to customers.

Over the months ahead, the FPS will be staging a whole raft of actions to help its members of staff find their feet as they walk down the NWOW path (e.g. clean up days). To be continued …