Launch of Federal Public Service Policy and Support: what is the impact for customers?

The FPS Policy and Support was established on 1 March 2017. What are the implications for customers?

The new organisation is taking over the assignments and the services provided by the Federal Public Service Personnel and Organisation (including Selor, the OFO, FED+ and PersoPoint), the FPS Budget and Management Control, Fedict and Empreva. The aim: to pool the support services to deliver even better support and assistance for the benefit of the customers in the areas of IT, HR, organisational management and integrity policy, budget, accounting and public procurement contracts. What are the implications for customers?

  • No instant changes : customers will continue to be able to call on the products and services of the ‘old’ FPSs for a while to come yet. The website provides a general summary of the activities, products and services delivered by the FPS Policy and Support. In addition, customers may continue to use the ‘old’ websites for certain products and services, such as:

    - checking out the training course offering at

    - consulting the vacancies with the federal administration at

    - obtaining information on public procurement contracts at

    - finding IT services at

    - …

  • The contacts remain unchanged: customers may continue to contact the members of staff of the FPS Policy and Support using their current contact details. During the course of September 2017, the e-mail addresses will be updated in accordance with the template.
  • The forms and official documents carrying the ‘old’ logos will continue to be used for at least another year.
  • For now, the 850-odd members of staff of the FPS Policy and Support will continue to operate from their 5 current locations. They will gradually be assembled at the central office (WTC III, 30 Simon Bolivarlaan in 1000 Brussels), where in the meantime conversion works are set to be carried out. In doing so, the FPS Policy and Support is looking to strengthen internal collaboration to deliver even better service to its customers.