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Our clients

Would you like to know who our clients are and who we work with regularly?

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  • Federal civil servants
  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Federal organisations
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  • Academia

Table of contents

The client at the centre of the organisation

The FPS BOSA puts the client at the heart of its activities. Our mission and values make this clear, and our clients also play an important role in our day-to-day operations. Nurturing a good relationship with our clients is not a one-way street. It is an interaction between the client and the FPS BOSA that starts with really knowing one’s client.

Our clients/users

BOSA clients
BOSA Clients

The FPS BOSA serves a diverse client base. The main clients are federal civil servants and services that are part of the Federal Administrative Civil Service (FPAF): Federal Public Services (FPS), Public Planning Services (PPS), Public Social Security Institutions (PSSI), Public Interest Bodies (PIB)   and Scientific Institutions (SIs).

Some tasks require cooperation with other federal clients/users, such as special units, regulators, independent bodies, ombudsmen, advisory boards, etc.

The FPS BOSA also provides services across a wide range of disciplines for clients/users from other levels of government (international, regional and local institutional clients/users) but also for citizens.

Our sponsors

The FPS BOSA supports the government, its responsible Minister and its responsible State Secretaries in preparing, implementing and evaluating policy in these areas of activity. As policy-makers, they bear the ultimate political responsibility. Within the framework of preparing and implementing the federal budget and the European budgetary obligations, the FPS BOSA also performs several tasks on behalf of the entire federal government and the community and regional governments.

Our staff

Our staff's commitment, expertise, skills, creativity and networking are essential cornerstones in achieving our mission, tasks and vision.


  1. The College of Chairmen of the Management Committee of the FPS/PPS, the College of Chief Executives of the PSSI and the College of Senior Civil Servants of PIBs
  2. Federal professional networks and interdepartmental commissions (in HR, innovation, communication, ICT, public procurement, budgeting, accounting, organisational management, sustainable development, diversity, prevention and protection, anti-poverty, recruitment of people with disabilities, integrity, client/user orientation, recovery and resilience, etc.)
  3. Public suppliers (ASBL Smals-MvM, Belnet, ASBL eGov, etc.) and structural partnerships with other FPSs (e.g. with the FPS Interior in the framework of the mobile ID initiative) 
  4. Private suppliers (consultants, service providers, incubators, operators, etc.)
  5. Trade unions
  6. The control bodies (the Audit Committee of the Federal Administration, the Federal Internal Audit, the Interfederal Finance Inspectorate, the Parliament and the Court of Audit)
  7. Academia (universities and colleges)
  8. The international levels of power and their organisations (EU, OECD, UN, Council of Europe, Group of States against Corruption, etc.) and the other national levels of power (regional, provincial and local)
  9. (Temporary) partnerships (with private partners such as, for example, in the framework of itsme® and eBox, with other levels of government, e.g. within the framework of the Gaia-X project 'Driver of digital innovation in Europe', and with universities as is the case for the research project Paradigms 4.0, etc.)
  10. The Federal Ombudsman