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Privacy Statement for Public Buyers for the e-Procurement Platform

Version 26th January 2024

This internet site uses "cookies" which are small text files or data placed on your computer by the browser. These cookies are used for a variety of purposes:

For example,

  • a technical cookie stores preferences on the subject of language.
  • A session cookie is a temporary cookie allowing you to navigate between the various applications without having to connect again.
  • A tracking cookie keeps track of your surfing behaviour on the website and allows for personalized visualisation of websites. 

The FPS P&S uses cookies to make your visit to the internet sites more agreeable, mainly by storing technical choices, such as your language preference or other parameters. This can facilitate your next visit and make it more successful. That is why you cannot disable them.

How do we handle your data as buyer?

Our privacy statement

Your data are processed as stipulated in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR).

Which personal data do we collect?

  • First Name:
  • Last name
  • National registration number
  • Gender (inferred from the title selected)
  • Language
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • E-mail
  • Address
  • Username

We store the data as you entered it in the registration form and as it is collected from the ID card.

For what purposes do we process your data?

  • Your first and last name, national registry number and username are used for identification.
  • The title serves as a greeting in our correspondence.
  • The choice of language serves to communicate with you in this language.
  • Your address, e-mail address, telephone number and fax number are used to contact you.
  • If applicable, we process the signature information (available in the digital signature certificate used) of the persons signing the official opening report.

Your personal data will be stored and processed in various places in the applications throughout the entire procurement process.

Your personal data is used in various places in the platform, usually to identify who has performed a certain action or who needs to be contacted.

In addition, we use your details to be able to contact you. This may involve e-mails sent automatically by the platform (hereinafter referred to as system e-mails) or newsletters sent by FPS Policy and Support staff members to inform you about matters relating to public contracts, the functioning of the platform, etc.

With whom do we share your data and why?

Your personal data will be shared via public documents:

  • Notices
  • Official reports

Notices are also sent to the Belgian State Archives.

Notices with an estimated value greater than or equal to the European publication thresholds will also be forwarded to the Publications Office of the European Union and published there on the TED platform (https://ted.europa.eu/).

Finally, notices can be published on platforms and websites via partners.

Your personal data will be shared in the application via

  • Search results when someone wants to associate you with a dossier and/or an organisation;
  • The logbook of the applications

In addition, your personal data from the platform are used by FPS Policy and Support staff for internal applications and for government communication related to public procurement. For this government communication, your data may be passed on to other government agencies.

Finally, your personal data will be shared with our service provider in order to resolve technical issues related to the account. The service provider will only use your data on explicit request of the e-Procurement service.

What are your rights?

Via your profile, you can do the following with your profile data:

  • Consult
  • Correct
  • Delete (*)

(*) For technical reasons, in some cases accounts are not deleted, but are completely anonymised (for example, when the account is linked to an active dossier).

You can download your data via My Profile at the bottom right. This file contains

  • Your current profile data
  • The list of organisations you are a member of and the role you have in these organisations
  • The list of actions you have taken on the platform in the past year. You can always request a complete overview from our Helpdesk.   

You can request that your e-mail address no longer be used for newsletters by using the unsubscribe link in the communication.

What are your obligations in providing data?

The e-Procurement service is legally required to identify you on the basis of your national registry number. In order to be able to perform this identification, it is necessary to read out the eID. Cf.

  • Law anchoring the principle of unique data collection in the operation of the services and bodies that belong to or perform tasks for public authorities and to simplify and unify electronic and paper forms, art. 4 §1.
  • Law on Public Contracts, article 14 § 7, 3° to 6°. Access to the electronic platform requires authorisation and, consequently, verification of the identity of the persons granting access.

How do we protect your personal data?

The FPS Policy and Support takes the protection of your data seriously and takes appropriate measures to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised modification. With this in mind, we have implemented security technologies and measures to ensure the availability, confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. In addition, the number of employees who have access to your personal data is strictly limited and carefully selected. These employees are only granted access insofar as they require this information in order to perform their tasks properly. In addition, for new projects that may have an impact on your privacy, a comprehensive analysis is carried out to guarantee your rights, the security and protection of your personal data. Should an incident nevertheless occur in which your personal data are involved, you will be notified personally in the circumstances provided for by law.

If you believe that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of misuse, please contact us via our contact form on the site or via dpo@bosa.fgov.be.

What can you do to protect your personal data?

  • Do not give your identity card and/or PIN code to anyone else.
  • If you no longer work for an organisation, leave the organisation in the application.
  • If you no longer need the account, delete it.

For how long do we store your personal data?

  • Your account will be kept until you delete it yourself on the platform or after two years of inactivity.
  • Public documents (e.g. notices, opening reports, etc.) are kept in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.
  • Information provided by the end user in the ESPD application or retrieved from MyTelemarc at the end user's request will only be stored until the active session for drawing up or supplementing the ESPD is terminated. This will happen either automatically (after a period of end user inactivity as determined by the application) or when the end user terminates the session themselves, for example by closing the browser.

Refusal of processing of personal data buyer

Not accepting the application conditions means that you:

  • Do not have access to the platform.
  • Cannot perform any actions on the platform.

Limited alternatives are:

  • Working with a partner application.
  • Working with a different platform - as far as the regulations allow.

The next step?

You can submit any objections to the e-Procurement service of the FPS Policy and Support. 

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