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Strategic plan

The strategic plan contains the commitments made for the period from 1 January 2021 to the end of the current legislature by the FPS BOSA and the federal government, represented by Minister De Sutter, State Secretary Michel and State Secretary Bertrand.

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  • Partners
  • Federal civil servants
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Table of contents

  • BOSA's strategic plan

    Mission de BOSA

    Why a strategic plan?

    The introduction of strategic plans is part of further developing the partnership between the political authorities and the public services. It is based on negotiation and the establishment of mutual commitments and agreements on the strategy to be followed and the objectives to be achieved, as well as on the resources needed to achieve them. It also aims to give managers greater accountability and autonomy in their approach to public services. This leads to replacing the traditional relationship of authority with a relationship geared towards the principles of partnership without, however, undermining the principle of the primacy of politics.

    Implementation of the strategic plan

    The implementation of the strategies and objectives contained in the strategic plan is translated into an operational plan drawn up each year. Each operational plan enters into force on 1 January of the calendar year to which it relates and ends on 31 December of the same calendar year.

    The basis for performance management

    The strategic plan and the annual operational plans form the basis for the evaluation of the mandate holders and are also the starting point for setting both collective and individual objectives in the evaluation cycles of all FPS BOSA staff.