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Digital communication and website for the Belgian Presidency of the Council

Learn the key principles of digital communication and how to apply them to the website for the Belgian presidency. Discover all details about the target audiences of the presidency websites, the good practices from previous presidencies, the principles to create quality content and the tricks along the way to have a modern digital communication on the presidency website.

Informations pratiques

This is a classroom-based session that will take place at BOSA, WTC III, Boulevard Simon Bolivar 30, Brussels.  

Duration: 2 hours, from 9.30 until 11.30 

There will be sessions in June and September 2023. 




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  • Points +

    • Understand the role of digital communication and in particular of the presidency website in the overall presidency communication strategy 

    • Identify and explain good and bad practices from previous presidencies 

    • Identify and discuss grey areas in digital communication planning 

    • Review the principles of good digital content 

    • Present the “Brussels bubble” audiences 

    • Identify “key moments” in the digital communication.

  • Pour qui ?

    • Press officers 

    • Press assistants 

    • Spokespeople 

    • Web team 

    • Social media team 

    • Other content providers for the presidency website 

    • This training helps you prepare for your role during the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU in 2024 and is only for those who have been designated by their organisations to play an active role in this presidency. 

    • If you doubt whether this training is for you, please contact the SPOC EU2024 presidency or the human resources department of your organisation. 

  • Connaissances préalables

    This seminar is held in English; sufficient English proficiency is required

  • Au programme

    • Role of the presidency website in the communication planning of the presidency 

    • Key principles of a successful presidency website 

    • Audiences of the presidency website 

    • Good/bad practices from previous presidencies 

    • Key principles for creating quality content for the presidency website 

    • Risks and opportunities to communicate on the presidency website 

    • Digital team and coordination with the Council of the EU.