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Negotiating in English

You have to communicate in English with foreign counterparts for the Belgian Presidency of the EU. You would like to understand and use the specific vocabulary used in international negotiations to better negotiate in English.

Informations pratiques

Duration: 6 sessions of 1h30 each week, online via Zoom. 

Groups of 8 participants.




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  • Points +

    You’ll be applying negotiation techniques in English, intervening, arguing, suggesting... You’ll be practicing in pairs or small groups.

  • Pour qui ?

    Officials and experts who want to practice their English negotiating skills. 

    This training helps you prepare for your role during the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU in 2024 and is only for those who have been designated by their organizations to play an active role in this presidency. 

    If you doubt whether this training is for you, please contact the SPOC EU2024 presidency or the human resources department of your organization.

  • Connaissances préalables

    This training is held in English; sufficient oral English skills (B1 level or higher) are required.

  • Au programme

    Throughout the training, you’ll be working in small groups. 

    The activities are interactive and practical: greeting and introducing a foreign interlocutor, practicing vocabulary and key phrases for negotiating, reformulating your interlocutor's ideas, stating your priorities, making proposals, giving your opinion, providing solutions to problems, dealing with and resolving blockages, concluding and summaries…