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Social media communication during the Council presidency

This is a presentation to raise awareness of colleagues in line ministries on the various digital communication opportunities and challenges for a presidency. The presentation also outlines the role of various actors (GSC, Permanent Representation, presidency core team in the capital, line ministries).

Informations pratiques

This is a classroom-based session that will take place at BOSA, WTC III, Boulevard Simon Bolivar 30, Brussels.

Duration: 2 hours, from 9.30 until 11.30

There will be sessions in June and September 2023. 




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  • Points +

    The objective of this course is to give colleagues in line ministries practical information on how to best prepare their communication on social media before and during their presidency. It includes tips and tricks of elements to think of before and offers input on how to best organise themselves. It will also comprise inspiration for content by means of/through examples. 

  • Pour qui ?

    Anyone creating and/or publishing content on social media during the presidency (both presidency team and social media communicators in the ministry).  

    This training helps you prepare for your role during the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU in 2024 and is only for those who have been designated by their organisations to play an active role in this presidency. 

    If you doubt whether this training is for you, please contact the SPOC EU2024 presidency or the human resources department of your organisation.

  • Connaissances préalables

    This seminar is held in English; sufficient English proficiency is required.

  • Au programme

    • Overview of social media channels typically used by Council presidencies   

    • Working with the Council's social media team during the presidency  

    • Coverage of (informal) ministerial meetings on social media & collaboration with ministries   

    • Lessons learned from the experiences of previous presidencies and good practices  

    • Useful tools