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DG PersoPoint

The PersoPoint Directorate-General manages the personnel and salary administration of its client organisations and of the FPS Strategy and Support.

Applicable for
  • Partners
  • Federal civil servants
  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Federal organisations
  • Government

Table of contents

  • DG PersoPoint provides the following services.

    Staff administration

    PersoPoint takes care of the administrative processing of all the events in a staff member's career, from the moment they start work until they leave the service. Each member of staff has access to their data via their staff file.

    Payroll administration

    PersoPoint calculates and pays the salaries, allowances and benefits of statutory and contractual staff members and ensures compliance with tax and social security obligations.

    Legal advice and assistance

    PersoPoint's legal team supports case managers and clients with complex cases and legal issues. The members of the legal unit are in close contact with their colleagues responsible for preparing and evaluating policy on status, working conditions and pay.


    PersoPoint ensures the complete reporting of its data in the staff management system and the payroll engine. In addition to standard reports, PersoPoint provides tailor-made reports to support the strategic HR policy of each organisation.