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National convergence plan for the development of artificial intelligence

The federal administration is keen to exploit the opportunities offered by AI to the full, and to do so has drawn up a national convergence plan for the development of artificial intelligence. This plan was approved by the Council of Ministers on 28 October 2022, and proposes concrete actions to make Belgium a #SmartAINation.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is already making its presence felt in our daily lives and will continue to change the world. AI can be brought in to respond to a number of challenges in areas such as the economy, energy, health, mobility, climate change, the fight against disinformation and security.

9 objectives to make Belgium a #SmartAINation

The national convergence plan sets out the nine objectives which the federal government, in collaboration with its partners, intends to focus on over the coming years:


  1. Promoting trustworthy AI
  2. Guaranteeing cyber security
  3. Boosting Belgium's competitiveness and attractiveness through AI
  4. Developing a data-driven economy and a high-performance infrastructure
  5. AI at the heart of healthcare
  6. Driving more sustainable mobility
  7. Protecting the environment
  8. Better lifelong training
  9. Providing citizens with better services and protection

Consult the detailed AI plan

It provides a detailed description of the objectives and takes you through the concrete action points.

To support the implementation of this national plan, a steering committee will be set up jointly by the FPS Policy and Support (BOSA) and the FPS Economy. This committee will not only make proposals on the operation of the AI programme, but will also serve as the central point of contact at the federal level for questions relating to AI.

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