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The gateway to government services. A familiar and reliable environment awaits you each time you log in, designate access managers, conclude mandates, etc.

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      Citizens - Companies

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      +32(0)2 290 28 45

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      Avenue Fonsny, 20
      1060 Brussels

    • Cooperation between various public services

      The result of cooperation between various public services, CSAM is an initiative by the following bodies:

      • the National Social Security Office
      • FPS BOSA
      • FPS Finance
      • the Crossroads Bank for Social Security
      • FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy
      • FPS Interior

      At the same time, CSAM is supported by a growing number of public services. They use CSAM to organise access to their e-government services. Among them are the social security, the FPS Mobility, institutions in the healthcare sector, the Justice Department, the regions, local authorities, etc.

    • Advantages

      CSAM gathers together a set of conventions, rules and services designed to organise identity and access management within the framework of e-government.

      CSAM provides the following services to both citizens acting in their own name and those representing a company:

      • identification
      • authentication
      • authorisation
      • mandate management.

      CSAM also enables companies to organise and structure access management for their employees.