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The values of the FPS BOSA

What are the values of the FPS BOSA?

Applicable for
  • Federal civil servants
  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Federal organisations
  • Government
  • Academia

Table of contents

  • In brief

    The FPS BOSA attaches a lot of importance to cooperation, client orientation, respectful treatment of people and resources and accountability.



    The cooperation with our clients/users, politicians, partners and employees is based on mutual trust. We actively share our knowledge and experience with each other and embrace different perspectives. We work together efficiently based on a common vision. Our culture of consultation and feedback contributes to an open and transparent working environment. We recognise the efforts of everyone and the results achieved.


    Client/user orientationOrientation client

    Our client/user orientation is reflected in developing long-lasting relationships and in the quality of our services. Together with our clients/users, we develop effective, efficient, reliable support solutions with clear added value. In doing so, we ensure that the general interest and existing regulations are respected while remaining open to proposals for optimising the regulatory framework. Our project and process-based approach allows us to respond quickly to new needs. We work on the principle that the FPS BOSA represents 1 strong brand and take responsibility for its development.



    As a sustainable organisation, respect is a core value when dealing with people and resources. A healthy working environment and an inspiring, inclusive and pleasant workplace are essential for everyone to thrive and reach their full potential. Therefore, the choices made must match individual needs with the needs of our FPS. At FPS BOSA, we encourage staff to find, develop and pursue new ideas and opportunities. We trust and respect each other, both professionally and personally. We respect our commitments and agreements.


    All BOSA employees feel accountable for the organisation's objectives and have the opportunity to take on responsibility within the FPS. We form strong, multidisciplinary and autonomous teams. There is room for initiative and experimentation, proof of our open attitude to innovation. We are never afraid to take a good look at ourselves and are open to change/improvement. This is the only way to remain a learning organisation. Our structure is consistent in this respect and is characterised by a flat hierarchy that allows room for mobility. We pay constant attention to improving the quality of our services and support in the area of policy coordination. Each employee is responsible for the quality of their work.